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Announcement: Profile Management and Customization

Posted by SnaptiK


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Profile Management and Customization

Just a small guide on how to make your Profile on these forums look pretty  :D
Note: Only Esteemed Guests and above can edit their profiles.

> Settings Tab
  • General Settings - Allows you to edit Privacy Settings, Timezone and notification options.
  • Change E-Mail Address - Allows you to change your registered E-Mail Address.
  • Change Password - Allows you to change your forums Password. Make sure it has have numbers, letters and symbols.
  • Change Display Name -  Allows you to change your Forum Display name. (Once a month)
  • Manage Notes - Allows you to manage and keep any miscellaneous notes.
  • Manage Attachments - Allows you to manage any attachments.

> Forums Tab
  • View/Posting/Email Prefs - Allows you to edit viewing/posting options.
  • Manage Watched Topics - Allows you to manage any topics you wish to keep track of.
  • Manage Watched Forums - Allows you to manage any forums you wish to keep track of.

> Profile Tab
  • Change Profile Information - Allows you to edit profile options such as comments, friends, Member Title, birthday, Login/RSN/IRC names, contact information, interests and location.
  • Change About Me Page - Just like your ordinary social network such as MySpace or Facebook, allows you to edit your About Me page. Make it colorful and pretty. Feel free to add anything you like, including pictures, animation, cool quotes etc.
  • Change Signature - Allows you to insert an image of any sort or text which is appended at the bottom of your forum post. There is no KB or Dimension limit but don't abuse it. Your signature can also include useful information such as your past display names (If you recently changed it).
  • Change Photo - Allows you to change/upload an image as a Profile Photo. Dimensions: 150x150 pixels, 50KB. This is usually meant to be a photo of you personally (IRL), but anything can go.
  • Change Avatar - Allows you to change/upload an image as a Display Picture. Dimensions: 100x100 pixels, 50KB.
  • Manage Ignored Users - Allows you to manage ignored users amongst these forums.

Simple stuff.